The art of spinal treatment

The art of spinal treatment is to take a holistic approach to treating a person, rather than focusing on their condition only. Therefore, with an empathetic and individual approach, we are able to achieve much more than with the classical approach. In the advent of mass-treated patients in large commercial medical entities, vast anatomical and diagnostic knowledge is simply not enough, and passion and intuition are still much needed. People with spinal conditions often go to doctors of different specialties without being always provided with the right solution. The patient needs an in-depth understanding of their underlying condition. The spine cannot be treated by a painkiller pill.

Spinal diseases are most often mechanical, metabolic and psychological in origin. They always require a holistic view and involvement in the patient’s treatment process. At our clinic, we offer effective and differentiated treatment aimed at the cause of the ailment, as well as a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic tools. We have extensive experience in managing severe cases, including those with indications for surgery. We can treat any reversible ailment. Our passion is to excel in this beautiful and rapidly growing field of spinal treatment.

Information for patients

Price list

5 visits – 900 PLN
10 visits – 1,700 PLN
20 visits – 3,000 PLN

We offer credit card payments and issuing invoices

WIZYTA – 220 zł
5 wizyt – 1000 zł
10 wizyt – 1800 zł
20 wizyt – 3200 zł

Umożliwiamy płatności kartą oraz wystawiamy faktury

Preparing for the visit

Preparing for the visit:
– please bring current imaging tests (if any)
– please take care of your personal hygiene
– please bring your own towel to cover your body

– proszę zabrać aktualne badania obrazowe (jeżeli są)
– proszę zadbać o higienę osobistą
– proszę zabrać własny ręcznik do przykrycia ciała

Contraindications to the visit

Contraindications to the visit:
– body temperature of 37°C
– skin lesions (disseminated and purulent)
– tumors (oncological lymphatic massage)
– active or possible bleeding, hemorrhages
– hemophilia
– varicose veins
– vascular hemorrhage
– atherosclerosis
– all inflammatory conditions (RA during disease exacerbation)
– bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases

– Temperatura ciała > 37°C
– Zmiany skórne (rozsiane i ropne)
– Nowotwory (onkologiczny masaż limfatyczny)
– Krwawienia, krwotoki lub możliwość ich wystąpienia
– Hemofilia
– Żylaki
– Skaza naczyniowa
– Miażdżyca
– Wszelkie stany zapalne (RZS w okresie zaostrzenia choroby)
– Choroby o podłożu bakteryjnym, wirusowym i pasożytniczym

Courses and Trainings

In order to meet the needs of professionals who would like to improve their qualifications and those who are just starting their adventure with massage, we have prepared an offer of trainings and courses.

The individual mode of teaching and practicing on real cases are distinguishing features of our facility. Patients with real problems are selected for the trainees by Mgr Marcin Radwański.

We do not teach patterns of behavior, but an individual approach, spatial thinking, and skillful movement in one’s knowledge.

From the life of the Clinic

Some will say that it was a coincidence, while I know that this professional path was my destiny. The story of where I am now started with my dad’s back problems. When I drove him to a chiropractor’s appointment, it turned out that they were just looking for a person to work, and since I had completed the 1st and 2nd degree classical massage course at the age of 18, I took the job without a second thought.

You could say that work found me, and today I know that it was absolutely destiny and a path in my life. The passion I found in this profession led me to where I currently am, and I keep growing, expanding my knowledge and horizons in the physiotherapy industry.

“Accidental” work led me to studying physiotherapy. I was curious about the industry, looking for answers, absorbing knowledge.

I observed different offices, styles of massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists. Each year, I knew increasingly more about the appearance of my future dream Clinic.

I do not stop, I expand my activities at the Clinic in Warsaw’s Kabaty district, I keep training and make every effort to create a patient-friendly place, with a professional approach to the problem, the very injury that reported to me.


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