The course features only practical approach. The course is for people willing to learn how to massage, but not for professional purposes. This course does not including learning the full anatomy, with the transfer of basic knowledge to safely perform massages at home.

The theory is included in the practical part and is conveyed in such a dimension that the massage can be performed safely. This course will teach you how to massage your loved ones at home, without risk.

Theoretical part:
  1. Massage basics
  2. Indications and contraindications
  3. Effects of massage on the body
  4. Principles and techniques of classical massage (principles of application and dosage, indications and contraindications, performance techniques)
  5. Basic anatomy of individual human systems (skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic systems)
Practical part:
  1. Classic Massage
  2. Sports massage
  3. Relaxation massage
  • massage techniques : stroking, rubbing, kneading, patting, rolling, shaking, vibrating
  • massage: upper and lower limbs, abdomen, back, spine

5 hours

  • Course fee in advance
  • Initial payment is made at the time of enrollment (non-refundable)
  • Form of payment: transfer to account number: 91 2490 0005 0000 4530 7932 0485
  • We issue invoices (please let us know before making payment)
  • We also provide training and courses in English

Price: 1300 PLN
(300 PLN initial payment)

TRAINER Mgr. Marcin Radwański

PLACE Spine and Rehabilitation Clinic
ul. Wąwozowa 2 lok. 3B
Warsaw 02-796

''I'd like to see people treating their own back pain in the same way they approach dental care or washing their hands. It should be just automatic.''