The Classical Massage 1st and 2nd level course is dedicated to those interested in starting the adventure of massage or therapy. This is a basic course that gives you the ability to perform massage for preventive purposes.

Theoretical part:

  1. Massage techniques and their effects
  2. The influence of massage on the human body
  3. Indications and contraindications for massage
  4. Massage application methodology
Practical part:
  1. Development of the upper and lower extremities, including the girdles, LS lumbar, Th thoracic, C cervical, back, thorax, abdomen, neck
  2. Development of a holistic massage
  3. Sports massage
  4. Isometric massage
  5. Relaxation massage
  6. Lymphatic massage

Theoretical part 10% Practical part 90%

20 hours (2 weekends)

  • Course fee in advance
  • Initial payment is made at the time of enrollment (non-refundable)
  • Form of payment: transfer to account number: 91 2490 0005 0000 4530 7932 0485
  • We issue invoices (please let us know before making payment)
  • We also provide training and courses in English

Cena: 4999 zł
(500 zł opłata wstępna)

TRAINER Mgr. Marcin Radwański

Spine and Rehabilitation Clinic
ul. Wąwozowa 2 lok. 3B Warsaw

''I'd like to see people treating their own back pain in the same way they approach dental care or washing their hands. It should be just automatic.''